On September 4th, 2008 Google launched their much-anticipated internet browser – and now on the same date 10 years later, they celebrated by releasing a new version, Chrome 69. This update features a fresh design with a visually updated user interface and new colors, and also new productivity features. Here is a list of some of the most prominent new features to enjoy:

Design – Google has implemented their Material Design 2 guidelines in this updated version of Chrome. It was being tested in various markets previous to this release so the look may not come as a surprise to some. It looks more sleek and modern now, with rounded corners, small toolbar icons, an updated URL bar, and clearer prompts.

Password Management – Chrome has always offered the ability to store your password, but in this version it will warn you if you try to use the same password across multiple websites. It will also automatically generate and save complex/unique passwords for new websites which gets saved to the cloud and can be accessed on other devices when you log into your Google account.

Omnibox – This is what Google calls the URL/Search bar and starting with this update, it will not only give you a listing of websites related to your search, but it will also directly answer a specific question without needing to open a new browser tab. It may not be able to answer EVERY question posed – but those with the most straightforward answers, like local weather updates, sporting events, public figures, or foreign word translations. The omnibox will now also be able to tell you if a website you are searching for is already open in another tab so you can jump straight to it.

All told, the changes may seem subtle but they are definitely a help to those who currently favor Google Chrome as their browser of choice and may possibly encourage other users to use it more frequently. The new Chrome redesign will be available for all PC and Mac users, as well as Android and iOS on the mobile side.

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