Salesforce Open CTI helps you to integrate your computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems seamlessly with Salesforce using Cloud Architecture. This means users could access a CTI program without installing any CTI adapters or additional desktop software.The Open CTI cloud-based delivery is being used today by thousands of innovative Customer service and relationship centers worldwide.



Access Technology Solutions (ATS) has been a Salesforce Vendor and Partner for years. We have been delivering business driven solutions to new and current Salesforce users nationwide.  We provide Certified Open CTI solutions for Salesforce that helps businesses economically achieve exceptional levels of customer service management.

Using this CTI integration from Access Technology Solutions, you can:

              • fileUtilize telephony functionality in your Salesforce desktop
              • Access to features such as CTI SoftPhone, Caller ID and screen population
              • Access to real-time customer data during an active call
              • Improved Call Routing and Boosted Customer Satisfaction
              • Automate and Monitor Call Activity

If you are currently using Traditional premise-based CTI for your customer service management, it is time to explore the benefits that new Open CTI has to offer. In addition to productivity benefits, Open CTI contributes to lower maintenance, increased interaction and more robustness.

Access Technology’s CTI for Salesforce can be customized to work with your existing phone provider and PBX systems. What’s more, Open CTI can be employed across any modern browser and operating systems (Windows, Mac or Linux).



Subscription License

We offer comprehensive CTI Data Connector Subscription Licenses that help you to escalate your contact center metrics and enhance overall customer experience.

This complete Subscription package includes the CTI Data Connector and Cloud server usage for Open CTI from Access Technology Solutions.

We provide the license subscription with 2 options:

              • Yearly subscription option with a regular yearly fee. This is a suitable option if you have a regular yearly budget.
              • One time upfront fee with a lesser yearly subscription fees. This option is a better fit when you have a single time budget and a smaller one for yearly subscription.

 We provide CTI Data Connector for Salesforce which comes with a list of features including the following. 

              • Initiate calls from any Salesforce platform that has phone numbers
              • Allows Caller identificationusing a screen pop-up
              • Dial from any application (e.g. e-mail) using a Hotkey
              • Functions with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) drivers and also with Sales Cloud, Service cloud and persona accounts
              • Access to latest Salesforce technology and integration via Open CTI

Each call is automatically saved as an activity with a phone note mentioning details such as call type, duration and result. A call history with preceding and missed calls is also generated. Missed calls are indicated in red for easy notification

The Click-to-Dial option allows phone numbers to be entered in numerous formats as it automatically reformats before dialing)



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