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What is all this talk about “the cloud”?

Cloud computing is a solution for enterprises to be connected to a large number of computers, mobile devices and equipment remotely in real-time through the internet with no software to download. This method


allows organizations to maximize effectiveness of shared resources allowing faster-start-ups, improved manageability, less maintenance and enables IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demands. Resources grow as the business grows.

According to a survey released in December 2012 by Technology Business Research (TBR) of 45 cloud infrastructure decision makers using results from 300 online surveys from similar professionals, a solid majority, 72 percent, of IT decision makers surveyed said they have adopted or plan to adopt private cloud, as public cloud users look to complement or extend cloud usage. If your company wants to stay ahead of the competition, now is the time to allow Access Technology Solutions to evaluate the current state of your business and plan for its future.

The leading organization in cloud computing for small and large businesses is Salesforce.com. Salesforce.com offers customizable applications targeted towards sales, customer relations management, marketing, customer engagement, customer service, social media and platform operations.

Whether you are looking to integrate Salesforce.com with other enterprise systems, to empower your global workforce or leverage its platform in a new way, consulting services provided by ATS will bring your organization unmatched expertise to help ensure your objectives are met in a timely and effectively. ATS has helped hundreds of organizations realize their full potential through challenging boundaries by analyzing businesses strategies, designing and building applications through the Cloud custom to your business, implement the programs, train and support users, and manage applications to allow exponential growth.


Customer satisfaction – It is the key to the success or failure of your business. ATS customizes applications designed to connect with your customers through communities and social media channels, give your staff tools for collaboration, improve contact center metrics and deliver outstanding customer service to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Some customization options include:

Communities for Service – Customers requesting service can communicate with other customers to help answer questions or communicate with a service agent reducing service hours and increase the speed of resolution.

Collaborative Contact Center – This system allows customer service representatives to create, track, route and escalate case files allowing representatives to handle more cases.

Case Collaboration – Bringing social networks into the contact center allows employees to exchange information about cases and gets recorded with the case. So everyone that follows that record automatically receives alerts and can immediate post comments or updates.

Service Cloud Console – Learn more about your customers through social media and case activity. This console allows agents to drastically speed up support, sales and telemarketing activities without losing context.

Cross-Channel Service – All customers have different methods of preference in communication. Some prefer voice-to-voice conversation, some prefer email and others would rather find information needed through the web. Cross-Channel Service offers service channel options, including social, chat and SMS.

CTI – Salesforce CRM integrates with 80 of the most popular phone systems so no matter your telephony infrastructure, you know your agents can access customer information instantly. An integrated call center telephony platform offers the added benefits of automatic call logging, click-to-dial and dynamic reporting options.