If there is one thing we tend to see many reports of these days, it is how Social Media is affecting companies all around the globe. Companies use social media websites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Instagram and others. How, as an employee, do you know that something you post online won’t have an ill-effect on your employer or business relationships? I have jotted down a few things that we all should be conscious of while being part of the workforce and using social media:

1) Do not post anything you would not want an employer or future employer to see. Even if you maintain separate accounts for personal and professional use, there is still the possibility that anything shared online can be seen by anyone in the world. This means avoid posting anything when you are overly tired or emotional as you may say things you don’t intend or will regret.
2) If you have issues in your workplace – go through the proper channels at your company to make them known. Social Media is a good place to share news, but it is not the correct way to air grievances against your boss, coworkers, or place of employment.
3) If your company already has a Social Media Policy in place, make sure you are adhering to the policy (as it is most likely you signed a document agreeing to the terms).
4) Never give out confidential information about a company, such as financial data, strategies, or specific operations. Also, be very cautious about any information posted about customers or clients, as they are protected by certain privacy laws and policies in most businesses.
5) Just as in real life conversations, you should avoid making any offensive or derogatory remarks on social media sites. The setting is more casual, but you should always try to maintain a polite and respectful countenance.
6) Engage in social media activity that promotes your professional image – like sharing blogs or websites pertaining to your field that interest you. You can also share announcements from your company or congratulate coworkers on accomplishments.

The most important thing to remember is Think Before You Post! You have to ask yourself how something you are about to release onto a social media platform is going to affect you not just personally but professionally as well. It is your responsibility to be the best representative of your chosen field of work as you can be.

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