Touch Contact-Real Time Contact Update

Touch Contact allows real time contact updates from customers.  Touch contact can be used for an individual contact or unlimited contacts within a single org.  Touch contact allows you to send notifications on flexible time intervals of up to 90 days which will load into the contact object as a real time update.


With Touch Contact, customers are able to update their contact information in real time which includes but not limited to the following fields; addresses, email, all phone numbers including office, mobile, phone, and fax numbers.

Changes are reflected in Salesforce as contact updates in real time. Touch contact details the update of each and every modification that is made by customer contacts which is both date and time stamped. Administrators will use the send mail button to address customer contacts.

The system allows you to change the date range to reflect the last modified date in the system.  Also, you can vary the conditions to include customer contacts that have been contacted or those that have not been previously contacted.  The conditions can be modified based on any field on contact object.  You can choose by checkbox, if you want to send the contact updates request to all the contacts or individual contacts derived from the search results. The system will send an email to update the customer contact information.  Upon completion, the data will auto populate into contact object real time.

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