Traditional CTI is used to integrate your computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce using a lightweight CTI adapter. This adapter when installed on a Salesforce user’s system allows a user to access the CTI system functionalities using the Salesforce SoftPhone.



The SoftPhone CTI integration allows contact center users to:

            • Make and receive calls by dialing a number or choosing one from an online directory, contact, account etc.
            • Transfer calls, start conference calls and produce call logs automatically
            • Check Salesforce records which are linked to a call or account

 Administrators can make use of Salesforce Call Center to:

            • Change the SoftPhone layouts
            • Delegate user profiles
            • Add contact numbers to call center directories.

 Salesforce CRM Call Center code libraries provide Developers scope for:

            • Customization of existing CTI adapters
            • Building new CTI adapters for unsupported phone systems

Traditional CTI has a few drawbacks which resulted in its phasing out in the favor of the new Cloud based Open CTI. It required maintenance of the desktop software and faced issues caused by browser and operating system (OS) incompatibility in its early days. Since it was a premise based deployment, software installations were required on each and every machine.

These setbacks are overcome through Salesforce’s new Cloud based Open CTI which provides multi-platform and browser compatibility among other advantages of the Cloud Architecture.file

We at Access Technology Solutions (ATS) have been a Salesforce Vendor and Partner for years  and provide Certified Open CTI solutions.

You can know more about Open CTI Subscription Package  Here

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