Salesforce is touted to be the World’s #1 CRM used by over 100,000 top companies today. With many organizations moving to the Cloud platform, Salesforce professionals have become one of the most-sought after resources. In fact, the demand for certified Salesforce professionals has risen up by 159% since year 2008! (Source:

               Access Technology Solutions is a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner with offices in India and U.S.A. We are committed to helping professionals and organizations succeed with the limitless Cloud Computing capabilities of Our comprehensive training programs provide the Salesforce fundamentals that you need to seek exciting career opportunities and make the most of the new Cloud based offerings and products.

               At Access Technology Solutions, we strive to ensure that you gain an unparalleled learning experience at your convenience. We present to you the flexibility to choose the Salesforce training model that best suits your learning style and training objectives.

 Classroom Salesforce Training

               We provide Salesforce training in a traditional Classroom setting at our training center where students gain hands-on training from our Salesforce Instructor as well as interact with other students. Classroom settings provide you a high level of retention and allow collaboration to encourage peer insight and team building.

classroom training(GTS)

Our live and collaborative classroom environment gives you direct access to training resources and instant feedback on your level of progress through the program.

 Virtual Salesforce Training

               Our virtual training program is designed to help students integrate training into their daily schedule without compromising on the advantages of classroom training. This web-based training offers the full class live experience from the convenience of your home or office.



Our training program combines live instruction with real time projects and exercises to guarantee a world class training experience, regardless of your location.


20 Sessions of Live Training Option to choose between Virtual Instructor-led training and Classroom Training
Trained by a Salesforce certified expert trainer Opportunity to be hired by Genesis Tech Solutions
In-depth and Comprehensive Curriculum Course completion certificate
Placement and Certification Guidance Mock interview practice and Salesforce Resume tips

The Salesforce training course involves an extensive range of functionality, features and applications for supporting a Salesforce implementation. Our goal is to deliver a well-defined insight on the Salesforce platform, thereby aiding new users and professionals to optimize several Salesforce applications in a resourceful and strategic manner. With this course, we aim to impart the essential skill sets that will prepare you to successfully configure (SFDC).

Marketing & Sales
Projects Implementation, ID Creation, Customize Standard Application
How to Create Custom Application, Campaign Object, Page Layouts, and Custom Fields
Lead Object and Custom Object, Lookup Relationship
Schema Builder-Faculty and Payments, MD Relation, Rollup Summary Fields
Rollup Summary Field, Lead Conversion

Workflow Rule, Approval Process and Validation Rules
Account Workflow, Opportunity
Workflow Approval Process
Communication Templates: Email Templates, Alerts, Tasks
Validation Rules: Date, Currency, Phone
Validation Rules: Regular Expression-Custom Buttons and Links

Data Management and Reports
Data Management, Data Loader Export, Insert, Delete, Update, Upsert
Data Management: Wizard, Export and App Exchange
Reports One: Tabular, Summary, Charts, Custom Object
Reports Two: Properties, Bucketing, Matrix, Joined
Reports Three: Dashboards and App Exchange

Service Cloud, Security and Transport
Service Cloud: Cases object, Dependency
Service Cloud Two: Record types, Solutions, Activity
Security One: User Creation, Role, Profile, App, TAB, Object
Security Two: Layout, Field, Password policies, SSO
Transport: Packages and Change Sets, Internationalization: Multi Language Support

Object Oriented Concepts
Programing Basics: Languages, Translators, ID Creation, Program Execution
Decision Statements, Loops, Arrays
Class and Object, OOPs Concepts
Constructor, Inheritance, Over Loading & Over Riding
Abstract, Interface, Exception Handling

Visual Force
VF Introduction, Save Record, Display Single Record
Creating Custom Object, Displaying Page Block Records
VF and Java Script, Modal Dialog
CSS Styles, Custom Components
Collections (List, Set, Map), Static

Apex Programing
Apex Introd: Setter, Getter Comm: VF to Salesforce: Save & Display
SOQL: Insert, Page Messages, Delete, Update, Upsert
SOSL and Multiple Objects: Governor Limits Configuration using Eclipse
Upload Data from Notepad, Modal Dialog, Extensions, Action Poller,

Introduction to Triggers, Before Trigger: Insert, Edit, Delete
Multiple Records, DuplicateRecords
Apex Email API on Inserting and Deleting
Using Trigger after Mode
Schedule and Batch Apex Programing

Apex Applications
Command Links and Passing Parameter between VF and Apex
Checkbox: Multi Structure, Visual Force Tabs,
Page Navigation using Standard Set Controller
Selection & Checkbox, Mass Update
Testing, Code Coverage, Salesforce LifeCycle Management

FEES: $500

  •  Inclusive of 30 Hours of training (20 Sessions of 1.5 hours each), study material and class notes



 This training course is targeted at learners who are completely new to Salesforce.

  • An undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Business or Engineering (mandatory)
  • A basic understanding of Salesforce CRM concepts and/or Java (preferred).


Watch a quick informative preview which introduces some of the topics covered in the Salesforce training program by Access Technology Solutions. Here, we explain the basics about Triggers,their types and applications.

Join us for more detailed information and for a deeper understanding on various such Salesforce fundamentals. Our intensive training program is available in both instructor-led classroom formats as well as virtual web-based sessions.

How will training help my career?

Salesforce is the benchmark today in Cloud based CRM packages. More than 150,000 companies worldwide have implemented Salesforce. This popularity has created a huge demand for Salesforce professionals in the job market today. Successful completion of this training will help you to get certified and land your dream job of becoming a highly paid Salesforce developer.


Who will be my Instructor?

We hire only the best instructors in the industry to ensure a world class learning experience. Your instructor will be a certified Salesforce expert with a minimum of 2-3 years of practical experience.


Will I get Project Experience?

We offer a Salesforce designed project as part of this course to give you hands-on experience.


How will I get my Course Completion Certificate from Access?

Your Course Completion Certificate will be sent to you by email to you once you complete all the requisites of the course including the final test.


What do I need to take the virtual training course?

You will need a recent computer or laptop or tablet. We recommend having a high-speed internet connection if possible.


Will the courses coach me for Salesforce Certification Exams?

Our training courses prepare you to fulfill the role of a Salesforce Developer on successful completion. If interested in certification, you can register on for the ADM 201 and DEV 401 exam.


Will this course help me to get a job? Do you offer placement assistance?

Our courses are intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce application which you can use in a real world Salesforce position.

Top performing candidates will be offered a opportunity to work with Genesis as Salesforce developers after passing our technical screening and interview which will be held on completion of the course.

We provide career guidance, discuss and share frequently asked interview questions and resume improvement tips during the course. Mock interview practice sessions will be conducted towards the end of the program.

Training Registration