Excel is a remarkable and powerful tool which helps businesses to maximize the value of their data. It is easy to use, familiar and offers a lot of possibilities. Every department in an organization would have their own use for Excel such as budget lists, sales reports, data loading, compliance tracking etc.

The problem with Excel is that it transfers unstructured, stores data into stand-alone spreadsheet files with no back-end support. Companies often end up with thousands of Excel files containing sensitive Enterprise data spread across various unsecured desktops and shared drives.

Salesforce on the other hand provides you data security and structure while it lacks the universal appeal and simplicity of Excel. If you use Excel and Salesforce, moving spreadsheet data manually to the Cloud Platform is a very tedious and error-prone task which does not provide any form of value addition.



X-Author gives you the best of both worlds by allowing Salesforce users to access the Excel UI for their tasks and transferring these files to Cloud using the Salesforce Platform. This allows companies like you to make use of Excel’s simplicity and speed while benefitting from Salesforce’s secure, intelligent and collaborative environment. As spreadsheet data is now treated as an extension of your Salesforce Platform, this helps companies to improve enterprise visibility.

With X-Author, current Salesforce users enjoy a productivity boost of up to 90 percent for applications such as opportunity forecasting, marketing promos and case management which are typically simpler to perform in Excel.

While working in the familiarity of their Microsoft Excel environment, users can:

            • Build applications which sync data between Excel and Salesforce in as little as ten minutes
            • Employ Excel to modify Salesforce objects
            • Access and share data through embedded Chatter within their spreadsheets
            • Avoid manual routing
            • Work offline and sync data when reconnected to the net
            • Manage improved spreadsheet version control

X-Author revolutionizes Excel from being a popular productivity tool into a real-time UI for Salesforce which enables you to perform actions to and from a Salesforce object. This allows you to utilize Salesforce rules to workbooks with the help of the X-Author Designer. This is a drag-and-drop tool that lets IT and System Admins:

            • Build Excel applications for Salesforce from scratch or even existing spreadsheets
            • Create new or change existing workbook templates for different types of users in the company
            • Position Excel as an integrated and secure UI for users while powered by Salesforce’s powerful Cloud delivery Platform

Merging the fast and popular world of Excel with the world-class security and reliability of the Salesforce Cloud Platform, X-Author empowers users, customersfile and their businesses alike.

X-Author’s system helps businesses by adding value to their day-to-day operations while boosting up their overall business procedures. It is an ideal solution for departments such as Finance, HR and Procurement which can all benefit from streamlining and risk management of their sensitive Excel-based processes.

Access Technology Solutions (ATS) has been a Salesforce Vendor and Partner for years. We have been delivering business driven solutions to new and current Salesforce users nationwide. 

We are Certified License Providers of X-Author. Please contact us to know how X-Author could add value to your business.

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